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country Music

For people who don't like country music.


Sometimes you just want to play other people's songs for money.

After years of independently hawking their original songs at venues across the country, Josh Parks Davis and Adam Bruce Bartelt were looking for a new gig a little closer to home. Thinking they could make a quick buck playing at loud bars to disinterested crowds, the duo joined forces as the New Mexicos, bringing their irreverent brand of country-tinged rock (or is it rock-tinged country) to the masses.

What started as thankless cover gigs (only accepting requests that were scrawled across a  $20 bill) quickly developed into a full-fledged creative enterprise. Now working on their debut album, the New Mexicos are still making the rounds at those loud bars. Come on out to see them (and don't forget those greenbacks).

Photos by Antonio Rodriguez


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